We've got what it takes

At Nachitech, our line of wellsite products and services helps us take care of all the little things—so you can focus on a little thing called success.
When you need wellsite support services, Nachitech has the proven capabilities to keep your crew comfortable, so you can always keep your projects productive. From accommodations to communications, onshore or offshore, Nachitech's unparalleled equipment, services and expertise have been contributing to drilling and production successes for over two decades.

Drilling Supports

Big support for pad projects

Whether you need complete multi-well pad site support or a single equipment rental, Nachitech has the drilling support services you can count on. Regulations compliance. Safety precautions. Reaching TD without a problem. When it comes to drilling, you have enough to manage on your wellsite. So when there's a need for ancillary equipment and services – however big or small – you can trust Nachitech to take care of it all safely and efficiently.
From the first stake to plug and abandonment, Nachitech has the equipment, expertise and locations to supplement your site—so you can get the results you need without the stress.

Completion and Production

Get the works for completion and production

When you need to keep your downhole efforts optimized, Nachitech has the perfect mix of products, services and support to make it happen.
From frac tank rentals to water hauling and logistics, Nachitech's extensive fleet of completion and production equipment and services provides the wellsite support you need to stay on schedule and maintain results. We'll help you get more from the wellsite—so you can worry about getting more from your well or reservoir.
With our comprehensive selection of frac tanks and both vacuum and winch trucks, Stallion can meet the demands of every worksite, every time. Our completion and production services include:
  • Fluid transportation
  • Fluid pumping
  • Fluid disposal
  • Fluid storage
  • Frac tank rentals
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Disposal wells

Inland-Water Marine Services

Keeping productivity afloat

Nachitech is geared up with the auxiliary marine services and equipment to supplement your shallow water coastal operations. When it comes to inland-water marine projects, you need specialized resources to get consistent results. That's why Nachitech offers a range of rental equipment and services to keep your operations moving.
Our extensive fleet of vessels, and years of industry experience, mean we'll always have the cranes, barges, boats and tugs you need—plus trained technicians for proper operation.
From transportation to hauling to decommissioning, Nachitech is standing by with the equipment and expertise to keep the worry out of your shoreline work.

Offshore Services

Right there with you

Nachitech has the experience and resources you can trust to keep your offshore operations going strong—when and where you need us.
From employees to equipment, the isolation and limited resources of offshore production can affect every aspect of your operations. That's why Nachitech offers the accommodations, refurbishments and offshore communications to help you maintain the well being and quality of life for your crew—so you have the resources to maintain productivity.

Wellsite Construction

It takes a solid foundation

From pre-production through decommissioning, Nachitech is standing by with the construction equipment, expertise and scale to help you build success.
Site roads. Compression systems. Repair and maintenance. Nachitech has the resources and experience to accommodate your every onsite construction need. Our interlocking mats, pipeline systems and site treatment options are just a few ways we can help you bring the site online and on schedule, while staying in total control.

Pre-production Services

  • Road building
  • Pad construction
  • Site preparation

Production Services

  • Complete well hook-ups
  • Compressor installation for both single well and multi-stage projects
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Blasting, painting and firewall repair
  • Modification of existing facilities

Pipeline Services

  • Fabrication and installation of:
    • Infield gathering systems
    • Statewide pipeline system
    • Boring services for roads, rivers and canals
    • Cathodic protection service
    • Anode installation

Complete Decommissioning Services

  • Production facilities/plants
  • Wellsites
  • Compressor stations
  • Plowlines and pipelines

About Us

Drilling and production are tough—and getting tougher. But Nachitech makes it easier by helping you focus on the job at hand. Nachitech Oilfield Supplies & Services Company provides total wellsite support, production and logistical services to oil and gas operators all over West Africa, North Africa and Middle East. The company provides all of the ancillary services surrounding the well, so operators and downhole service providers can better focus on getting more from every asset.

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Our Strength

Our success over the years has been anchored on the quality of our:

  • People, their motivation and professional dedication to their responsibilities in a safe and clean environment.
  • Committed and experienced management team.
  • Continuous drive to sustain impeccable health and safety standards without compromise.
  • Financial capability to sustain both OPEX AND CAPEX.