Protecting resources

Stallion adheres to a stringent safety and environmental standard–because our actions can have an impact on more than just productivity. At Stallion, our main goal is to help you get results. That means not only striving to meet the demands of your supplementary wellsite needs, but also getting the job done with strict compliance to safety and environmental standards. Because when you know all the little things are handled with care, you can really focus on big success.

Environmental performance

Through our environmental responsibility efforts, Nachitech finds new ways to deliver results, while emphasizing sustainability.

Nachitech complies with all applicable Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) industry standards, as well as rigorous self-imposed environmental stewardship policies that place an emphasis on environmental awareness and responsibility amongst all employees.
Additionally, as a leader in worksite efficiency and fleet performance, Nachitech's continually assessed, maintained and upgraded equipment does the job better, faster and with less environmental impact.

Safety Performance and Promotion

The safe choice

At Nachitech, we're committed to protecting our most valuable resource—our employees. With an emphasis on understanding, experience and comprehensive training, Nachitech's worksite safety program provides employees with the knowledge they need to stay safe on the job. New staff members get their first, complete introduction to our safety standards through "Nachitech Academy®," Nachitech's computer-based employee training program. Through this system, workers gain in-depth knowledge of how to maintain optimum work conditions—no matter what the situation may bring. As a means to maximize this already strong foundation, Nachitech has 17 full-time PEC/Premier certified trainers and requires all employees to be SafeLand™certified. Nachitech maintains a company-wide policy of conducting monthly safety meetings and providing open communication between employees, supervisors and safety committees. As members of the Nachitech family, the well-being of our employees has, and will continue to be, a top priority. And when our field workers are safe and productive, that can help us accomplish our other big priority—helping you succeed and Stay Well FocusedSM.

Risk Management

Looking forward to safety

Like all of our workplace safety initiatives, Stallion takes an active role in assessing occupational risk—and finding methods to better manage it.
No matter the type of project, Stallion's dedication to employee safety means evaluating previous situations, considering new information and making management decisions that keep workers out of harm's way.
Through a series of safeguards, Stallion is able to ensure that if there's a better, more responsible way to conduct daily operations, we'll find it. Here are just a few ways we look forward to superior safety in the field:
  • Jobs Safety Analysis (JSA) Program
  • Behavioral-Based Safety (BBS) Program
  • Near-Miss Reporting System
  • Accident Reporting System
  • DynaQ HSE Compliance Auditing System

Compliance Assurance

Team up with the best

Nachitech's superior safety compliance is just another way we help you keep worry out of the wellsite.
So we can give you the confidence to focus on every job, Nachitech complies with all necessary state and governmental regulations. This includes those from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the American Petroleum Institute (API) and others—including applicable regional compliances.

In terms of regular performance, Nachitech has a strict policy of monitoring HSE reports throughout the year. In fact, we make official assessments weekly, monthly, quarterly and on an annual basis.

With over 10 years of industry experience, Nachitech knows what it takes to keep our operations safe and efficient—so well and reservoir performance is the only thing you have to worry about in the field.

Community Relations

Our commitment to the community

At Nachitech, we don't just help improve your wellsite—we help improve the communities around it.
Through our projects at sites across the country, Nachitech has developed a profound respect for the many communities that have allowed us to work alongside them—bringing success to the nation's oil and gas producers and security to our nation's energy supply.

From our manufacturing and storage facilities to onsite projects, we make it a priority to not only be good neighbors, but also to leave these areas better than when we arrived. We do so through strict compliance to environmental standards, workplace safety and equal opportunity employment standards.

By treating our host communities with respect, and creating new job opportunities, Nachitech helps maintain its legacy of trust and dependability in the nation's most active drilling regions and beyond.

About Us

Drilling and production are tough—and getting tougher. But Nachitech makes it easier by helping you focus on the job at hand. Nachitech Oilfield Supplies & Services Company provides total wellsite support, production and logistical services to oil and gas operators all over West Africa, North Africa and Middle East. The company provides all of the ancillary services surrounding the well, so operators and downhole service providers can better focus on getting more from every asset.

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Our Strength

Our success over the years has been anchored on the quality of our:

  • People, their motivation and professional dedication to their responsibilities in a safe and clean environment.
  • Committed and experienced management team.
  • Continuous drive to sustain impeccable health and safety standards without compromise.
  • Financial capability to sustain both OPEX AND CAPEX.